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Technologies Developed

                                                            LOW COST WATER HARVESTING TECHNIQUES 


                                                                                          Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off. The mean average rainfall of Wayanad District is 2322 mm. For effective usage of the rainfall,  Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) has four types of Rainwater harvesting structures like Natural Ponds, Natural Wells, Nylon reinforced tarpaulin sheet used artificial ponds and low cost – artificial pond using jute sack with a total storage capacity of 40 crore liters water. The water is effectively used in the area of 250 acres RARS farm for irrigation, gardening, etc.  The station has developed the model of low cost rain water harvesting structure recently and it became very successful at functioning. The inner lining of water storage pond was made up of jute sack and cement slurry. The construction cost of pond was very low and it is only Rs. 0.07 per liter of water storage. The pond has been used for fish culture as well and earns additional income to the farm. Many farmers from Wayanad District and other parts of Kerala has visited the structure and learned the methodology to develop in their own farm. The low cost rain water harvesting structure become popular and spread over the neighbouring states also. 


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Regional Agricultural Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
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