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RARS Ambalavayal is enagaged in a number of research and developmental projects funded by different agencies and institutions. Funding agencies include Government of Kerala, Rashtiya Krishi Vikas Yojana of Deparement of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare, Government of India, Indian Meteorological Department, State Horticultre Mission and All India Coordianted Research Project on Spices. The Projects, funding agencies and Principal Investigators are listed below.

Research and Development Projects
Name of the project     Funded by  Name of Principal Investigator
Setting up a Centre for Excellence on Spices, Vegetables & Sub tropical fruits Governemt of Kerala   Mr. Najeeb Naduthodi
National Horticultural Mission on Spices & Aromatic plants MIDH Mr. Najeeb Naduthodi    
Technology intervention and people’s participation for poverty alleviation in Wayanad  RKVY      Dr. Sreeram V
Center for Excellance in Rice          Government of Kerala  Dr. Renjan B
Production, Value Addition and Marketing of Jackfruit for Poverty alleviation and Employment Generation Government of Kerala           Dr. K. Ajith Kumar
Development of Flowers         Government of Kerala Smt. Sreerekha M V
ICAR- Creation of Seed hubs for increasing indigenous production of plants  ICAR   Dr. Renjan B
AICRP on Spices                                                                                                          AICRP Dr. Renjan B
Import of Planting Materials     State Horticulture Mission Dr. K Ajith Kumar
Mushroom Spawn Production          State Horticulture Mission  Dr. K Ajith Kumar
Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva          IMD  Dr. Shajeesh Jan P
RF- Food Processing  KAU            Mrs. Sreerekha M V
RF- Seed and Nursery   KAU    Mr. Najeeb Naduthodi
RF- Biocontrol       KAU Dr. Preetha R
RF- Paddy Scheme  KAU Dr. Renjan B
Mass Production of elite planting materials of black pepper   KAU      Mr. Najeeb Naduthodi
Stationwise funding on ongoing research projects and minor infrastructure support  Governemt of Kerala Mr. Mruthul T




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