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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Lab

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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit functioning under RARS, Ambalavayal utilises the organically produced fruits and vegetables produced on the farm to make value added products like squashes, jams, pickles etc while providing employment opportunity to 14 well-trained women self-help group members. Fruits like pineapple, guava, sapota, strawberry, papaya, passion fruit, mangosteen, litchi, mango etc. are routinely processed catering to the demands of local as well as distant markets. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are preserved as pulp and are hence available as products for purchase even during the off seasons. The seeds of the input materials used are collected separately and are processed to be sold or used for germination. Highly underused jackfruit has been demonstrated to be good enough to be transformed into 101 value added products by the unit and has exhibited all of them in jack fests conducted during the past couple of years.


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Regional Agricultural Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Wayanad Kerala 673593