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Bio control Lab

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Biocontrol lab - Biocontrol agents multiplied in the lab

  • Beauveria bassiana, for the control of berry borer in coffee (beetles), and sucking pests and lepidopteran pests of crops.
  • Verticillium lecanii, for the control of mealy bugs, white fly, aphids, thrips and scale insects.
  • Pseudomonas fluorescens for the control of quick wilt in black pepper, sheath blight, brown spot & sheath rot in rice, rhizome rot & bacterial wilt in ginger, rhizome rot, wilt & leaf spot in banana, damping off & bacterial wilt in solanaceous vegetables, and brown spot & stem rot in vegetables.
  • Trichoderma sp., for the control of quick wilt in black pepper and, rhizome rot in ginger & turmeric. It can be used in the potting mixture in the nursery to control different diseases.
  • Metarhizium sp., for the control of root grubs, termites and beetles.

In addition to biocontrol agents, pheromone traps for the control of fruit flies in cucurbits and mango are also produced. Last year about 110 tonnes of biocontrol agents was supplied by the unit to various Krishi Bhavans in the district.


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